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Welcome to Dollar Links

Dollar links is a leading money transfer group in Canada which offers a fast, reliable and huge network to send money to Pakistan. The company name itself represents the symbol of connecting your funds globally especially to your love ones in Pakistan. Dollar links is one of the pioneer company in Canada that initially started and understood the need of a private money transfer business .

Why Us

Dollar links provide a simple, secure and reliable service that promise to give you a great sense of satisfaction that you are using a service that is providing the best rates as well as a highly secure service with the ability to track your payment anytime with our Unique Online system that is available 24 * 7. We deliver in no minute service that means u can send your money anytime and any where in Pakistan.

Begin a journey of Dollar

Discover a new class of service excellence with dollar links that promise to fulfill all needs at your love ones door step. As a Customer of Dollar Links, we promise to put you ahead of others by our leading services and huge unparalleled advantages. We take a great pleasure of inviting you to witness a higher level of personalized service & a host of memorable experience you can truly trust and call your own.


Instant Cash pickup

    • Instant Cash Pickup on more than 1300 branches all across Pakistan, Azad Kashmir & Gilgit Baltistan



Best In Market

    • We are pioneer in Money Transfer Services in Canada. We offer best forex rate in market



Bank Draft Pickup

    • We offer Instant Cash Pickup on more than 1300 branches all across Pakistan, Azad Kashmir & Gilgit Baltistan



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  • I have been sending money through Dollar links for the past couple of years. For events like Eid, helping family, sending money for business purposes, buying property and when i was getting married. Dollar link made every transaction seamless whether it was a transfer into an account or a cash pick up at the bank. I like the no fee part and the transfer rates are even better then open market. I would surely recommend their service two thumbs up.

    Abbas Ali

  • Great rates, fast service and good customer service, never had an issue

    Waqas Ali

  • I have personally used the dollarlinks service number of times in the past, extreme reliable and quick. i have also recommended the services provided by dollarlinks to my friends and relatives in Calgary and have never heard any complaints from anybody at all. I highly recommend dollarlinks to all Pakistani living in Canada.

    Amna Qureshi

  • Great services! You give the best rates in the city. Thank you for your honest and humble service:)

    Farhan Babar Rana

  • Dollar link is the company that would realy understand the importance of every penny that we oversease Pakistani send to our homeland and they do know the importance of time and the care for there coustmer's !!! in short they r simply Awsum and they have introduce the new way of sending money back home in few hours faster the ever :)

    Romee Awan

  • This is best service ever i saw to send money. Everyone is very friendly you guys are rockssssssss

    Ahsan Iqbal Cheema

  • East Or West Dollar links is the Best .. I love dollars links it's easy and very convince and I am very happy with it I hope you even make it better mean like quick response and long hours other that I have no problem with I did recommended to all my friends and I will keep recommended to other all the time thanks for your good service ....

    Zia Khan

  • I have been using the online service Dollar Links since it went live for all my money transfers.I found this service efficient and very easy to use. Sending money to my homeland was difficult before as there were hidden charges and unnecessary delay in timings with other online companies. Dollar link's connections with United Bank Ltd in Pakistan and it's 'no hidden charges or commission' policy have made all my concerns go away.

    Saddat Chaudhry

  • Nothing matches the satisfaction of sending something to your loved ones. Link up this satisfaction by sending money through dollar link. A legitimate way of remitting money to a bank in Pakistan, that will help build you country too.

    Iqtidar Awan

  • 100% satisfied with your service, thank you for providing a save & secure money transfer service to Pakistan to me from past 11 years. i would definately recommend your service to everyone.

    Khursheed Alam

  • Your help and prompt services were a very pleasant surprise, I am really obliged. I will not only avail your services but also spread the good word about them.

    Khalid Khan

  • A mega project Canada wide with yrs of experience and the tag of honesty. Cheers and good luck for setting a new era.... Folks, it's not new they r in business for over 15 yrs, one of the most trusted name in Canada.

    Nazir Ahmed

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